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Mask machine production line

Mask machine production line
Detailed Introduction:

Workflow of mask machine production line: (mask body) manual feeding → automatic earband feeding → ultrasonic earband welding → nonwoven fabric sideband feeding and wrapping → ultrasonic sideband welding → sideband cutting → finished product output → counting → finished product Stacking → conveyor belt device delivery, the mask machine is a multi-layer non-woven fabric through hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, ear band nose bridge welding and other processes to produce a lot of masks with filtering performance, mask equipment is not a single Machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete many different processes.

The more popular mask equipments in the market include: cup-shaped mask machine, non-woven flat mask machine, N95 mask machine, 3M9001/9002 folding mask machine, duckbill mask machine, three-dimensional dust mask machine, etc. Full-automatic production of mask body machine, including feeding, plastic strip aluminum strip shorting, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing, etc. The whole process is automatically completed, and the output is relatively high, which can produce 1-200 pieces per minute.

The main power frequency conversion speed regulation, can be fast or slow, using different materials can produce different masks, the product has two or three layers, and the product quality is stable, easy to operate, low noise and small footprint. Applicable material: Spunbond filament non-woven fabric, 16-30 g/m2, suitable for processing masks.

Mask machine production line


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