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Mask machine production line

Mask machine production line
Detailed Introduction:

The three-layer non-woven fabric material is passively dragged and unwinded. The mask machine production line realizes a constant tension feed through constant tension servo control; the mask is shaped by a mechanical mold and printed with ultrasonic molds to print the corresponding pattern; divided into two stations Ear strap welding station, by controlling the ear strap opening/closing clip, ear strap cutting, platform lifting and other multi-station cooperation, the ear strap is welded to the mask; the two sides are folded and shaped, and the horizontal axis extends the model out of the structure. The two halves are folded together; the welding station and the folding and shaping station need to keep the platform and the raw materials synchronously welded. The servo system uses the electronic cam follow-up and shear function to realize the round-trip operation. The servo motor adopts a 23-bit value encoder, which has high response, quiet and stable operation, and accurate positioning. At the same time, the bus has high response communication speed and synchronous control. The real-time synchronization cycle reaches 1Ms, which increases the positioning accuracy of cutting and welding ears;



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