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Mask machine production line

Mask machine production line
Detailed Introduction:

The mask machine production line is composed of a mask body and ear straps. The traditional mask equipment refers to the body machine responsible for forming and filming the mask body and the ear strap machine responsible for welding the ear straps. The efficiency of the body machine is higher (100- 120 pieces/minute), the earband welding machine is relatively low (40--60 pieces/minute), in order to achieve a good match between the output of the body machine and the earband welding machine, it needs a body machine with 2 to 3 ears With a welding machine, in a fully automatic integrated equipment, generally a mask body machine is also connected with 2 ear strap welding machines. The general structure of the plane mask machine includes four parts: automatic feeding, folding forming, ultrasonic heat sealing system and discharging system. In the normal period, most of the processing can be performed by stepping, but in the current epidemic situation, full servo is required to increase processing efficiency and speed.

Mask machine production line


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