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What are the characteristics of the filling machine production line?


The mask manufacturing machine supplier is committed to making customers' satisfaction with the requirements and results. We are customers, which gives us a large and loyal customer base. As a mask manufacturing machine manufacturer, starting from the design and manufacturing needs of the mask manufacturing machine industry, the mask machine production line provides a variety of mask manufacturing machine product lines to make users demand for many applications.

In order to make a longer service life and reliability, our products are manufactured by suppliers using relatively good raw materials and relatively new skills. The folding mask integrated machine (high-speed type) is an ordinary folding mask integrated machine on the market.


The big feature of this machine is the uninterrupted operation, which is accurately aligned by high-speed servo motor drive. The device integrates body welding, built-in nose bridge strap, fold in half, ear strap welding and breathing valve punching. The device can be equipped with an automatic encoding device. The device retains the required position of the encoding device. Customers need to provide the standard size of the printer.

Our main product filling machine production line (including turntable, cleaning machine, filling machine, labeling machine, capping machine, sealing machine, accommodating system, robot palletizing machine) and bagging production line (forming filling sealed bag, flat Bag packaging machines, prefabricated) bag packaging machines, powder, liquid, granules, weight checkers, metal detectors, cartoning systems, robotic palletizer filling equipment have gained a good reputation among customers around the world.



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Contact: Mr. Song

Inquiries: 18012410908

Company address: No. 170, Weiyi Road, Development Zone, Qidong City