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What is the size of the mask production machine?


What the operator needs to do is put the raw materials on the feeder, and after the mask machine production line completes many settings, let the machine run automatically. It realizes the virtual automatic production of the whole process, except that the packaging process requires a worker. The equipment uses ultrasonic welding to make the product smooth, hygienic and green. The output is 20-30 pieces/minute, and the daily output can reach 20,000-30,000/day.

The length of the nose bridge is adjustable, and the product size tolerance is ±1mm. According to customer requirements, masks of different specifications can be provided by replacing some molds. It can produce 2-6 layers of non-woven mask sheet. We can provide design solutions according to your requirements. Our products have stylish appearance, stable performance, low failure rate, compact size and small footprint. It is an aluminum alloy structure, making it smooth, reliable and not rusty. Raw materials, automatic feeding, automatic hot pressing, automatic welding, automatic trimming, automatic ear hook welding, nose wire cutting/feeding, photoelectric detection, finished product output, tray cleaning, and automation of the entire process.

Mask machine production line

1. Adopt aluminum alloy structure, smooth, strong and not rusty.

2. Computer PLC control, high stability, low failure rate and low noise.

3. Servo motor and stepper motor drive, high precision.

4. Photoelectric detection of raw materials can prevent errors and reduce waste.

5. The machine base adopts belt wheels and fixed feet, which is convenient and fast to move, and has strong stability without shaking.

6. This model is equipped with a new conveyor belt, which can automatically collect products, so the work to be done is only collection and packaging.

7. The equipment can be modified according to product requirements, product size, length and thickness.

8. Different hanging earphones can be configured according to specific production orders, making production both economical and easy to use. It solves the major problems faced by customers, such as capital cost + floor space + staffing, which actually brings relatively large economic benefits to customers.

Mask machine production line


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