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Will the mask machine production line break down?


The machine realizes full-automatic production from raw materials (2~6 layers) to hot pressing, ultrasonic edge banding, cutting, earring welding, text printing, nose bridge connection, finished product output, and waste cleaning. The entire machine of the mask machine production line is transported by the servo mechanism. The positioning system can better support each workstation. The production process makes the product have a distinctive pattern, maintains its shape during the production process, reduces material waste, and provides a powerful product quality. Another highlight of this machine is that it has a waste recycling device.

2. Product Features

1. High stability, low failure rate, smooth appearance, no rust;

2. Computer PLC control, servo drive, high degree of automation;

3. Photoelectric detection of raw materials can prevent errors and reduce waste.

Mask machine production line

3. Main electrical parts

Parts of mask blank machine:

1. Frequency conversion motor

2. Hot pressing 3 workstations

3. Ultrasound: 3 sets

4. PLC control system: 3 sets

5. Electronic eye and sensor fiber

6. Stepper motor

7. Roller:

8. Electronic eye: 15 sets

Conveyor components:

Variable speed motor: 1 set

4. Introduction of mask blank machine

This machine is developed in cooperation with engineers using good technology. This is a mask manufacturing equipment that is widely accepted for its high production speed, high stability and complete configuration.

Mask machine production line


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