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Is the mask machine highly productive?


It is an automatic equipment used in disposable mask machine production line products, suitable for 1~5 layers of non-woven fabrics, activated carbon and filter materials. The mask machine will complete many processes from feeding to processing. The nose clip is fixed, the edge is sealed, and the finished product is automatically cut.

Depending on the different materials you use, the product can meet N95, FFP2 and other standards. The mask machine has the characteristics of stable performance, high productivity, low error rate, and easy operation.

The automatic blank mask production machine is designed for the production of N95 masks, which can realize a series of processes including material forming, welding, and die cutting.

It is automated and can work continuously and steadily. Only one worker can operate several of these production lines, so it is relatively labor-saving.

Mask machine production line

The production line is mainly used to produce N95 masks made of non-woven fabrics and many meltblown materials. As a production standard, N95 has a filtration efficiency of 95%. It has two types, namely industrial dust masks, which are called N95 masks. N95 is actually a protection level test, both industrial and masks meet the same test standards. One of the differences between the two is that the mask has an additional splash-proof layer.

Compared with flat masks, cup masks have the following advantages: 1. Appearance design, covering the face better, increasing the difficulty of dust entering the rat nose; 2. Using ergonomic design, suitable for the nose, and increasing wearing comfort degree.

This is a fully automatic mask production line, the middle of which is ultrasonic welding skills. The model SMF-99 automatic cup production line was developed and manufactured by Nantong Shikai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Mask machine production line


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