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How to form disposable masks automatically?


This product is a semi-automatic machine used in the folding mask production line. Using ultrasonic skills, welding 3-5 layers of pp non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric, activated carbon and filter material, welding the non-woven fabric, driven by rollers, the braid is automatically folded, after the mask body is made, the mask machine production line is automatically delivered to the mask On the ear strap welding machine, weld the ear strap part to make a complete face mask.

You can complete the packaging on the packaging machine. The entire production line can run smoothly. The machine is mainly used to automatically make plane masks: the whole roll of cloth is driven by the roller after unfolding, and the cloth is automatically folded and wrapped. Our universal mask making machines are used to make masks, such as non-woven fabrics, masks, C-shaped and cup-shaped masks. They are manufactured using relatively good manufacturing processes and can be customized according to customer requirements. This machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of disposable masks: after unfolding, the entire fabric roll is driven by rollers.

The bridge of the nose is pulled apart and unfolded; horizontally sealed, the air valve hole is cut with a cutter (function can be shielded); after printing equipment, logos and patterns can be customized; through the ear wire welding station, the two ear wires are ultrasonically welded to the mask body on. Equipment You can choose the function of applying cotton to the bridge of the nose; then, fold the mask and weld and cut it. A full-automatic dust-proof face mask masking machine is a mask automatic production line that can form 3 masks at the same time.

Mask machine production line


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