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Is the mask machine made of aluminum alloy?


The non-woven fabric tape is welded to the blank mask through the ultrasonic system. NC-17 Tie Mask Sealing Machine or NC-17P Tie Mask Sealing Machine The packaging machine requires a worker to feed the mask blank into its conveying fixture, then the machine will automatically run and weld, and the mask machine production line will produce the finished bundled mask. Ordinary disposable masks are mainly composed of three layers of non-woven fabrics.

The inner layer is a common non-woven fabric; the outer layer is a non-woven fabric with waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to distribute liquid. The middle filter layer is a polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric treated with electret. After production, the product should be used and allowed to stand for 7 days to clean up volatile toxicity. It should be sealed, packaged and shipped.

Mask machine production line

Machine features:

1. Automatic tension control of raw materials to balance the tension of raw materials.

2. Computer program control, high output, good stability and low failure rate.

3. Photoelectric detection of raw materials, avoid errors and reduce waste.

4. Can produce one to four layer mask body.

5. This machine has the functions of total counting and batch counting. The number of batches can be set arbitrarily.

6. Replacing the mold can produce masks of different sizes and styles.

7. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is reliable and beautiful. Mechanically adjustable part: the folding part can be adjusted; the pattern of the welding joint of the mask body can be designed by the customer or the design; the mechanical mask can be made of 1-4 layers of cloth (the activated carbon material can be added in the middle).

Whether the mask produced by this machine is a mask has nothing to do with this machine. As long as the mask is used, the mask produced by the machine can be used as a surgical mask

Mask machine production line


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