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Can the mask manufacturing machine contact production?


How to design an automatic disposable mask manufacturing machine? The mask machine production line is designed to produce flat disposable masks made of non-woven fabric. The face washing machine needs to stack three rolls or four rolls of non-woven fabric through the mask machine and press them together (nasal tendon synchronization and automatic cutting and lamination), automatic positioning until the non-woven fabric is automatically folded and then cut and shaped and automatically discharged , Transfer the mask to the mask ear belt machine or mask winding machine through the belt to automatically weld the ear belt (one for one, two for one, and three for one).

Mask machine production line

The pre-production machine for the production of non-woven masks is a fully automatic machine that consists of feeding raw materials, inserting and cutting the nose line, pleating, edging, ultrasonic welding to the blank masks. Count and collect on the conveyor belt. The use of good aluminum alloy materials, the appearance is beautiful, the panel has been hardened, PLC microcomputer control, stable operation, rotary welding system, sideband control system and discharge system, peers can not compete.

The mask manufacturing machine is a relatively good device designed according to the needs of foreign markets. It can make the production continuous, effective, stable, convenient, accurate, easy to operate, and save energy.

The shape of the welding seam of the mask is uniform, clear, and no difference. The mask is neat on both sides, without beards and wrinkles. This machine is one of the better models for the production of single-pass masks (the machine mainly has two energy-saving frequency conversion adjustment devices) speed and speed motor adjustment speed.

Mask machine production line


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