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What do you do after making a mask?


After making the mask, transport it to the flat belt line and collect it. The mask machine production line is used to produce disposable non-woven masks, automatically aligning the three rolls of material to be fed, namely the outer layer, the filter layer and the inner layer. The ultrasonic waves are continuously applied symmetrically on both sides. Through continuous rolling and cutting, it branches into two separate welding devices for ear hooks to achieve line balance and high productivity.

The earrings are made and sent to the digital counter automatically. It is also known as mask punching machine, which is a machine used for automatic production of finished flat masks with multiple layers of materials. It can use 1 to 3 layers of PP spunbond nonwoven fabric activated carbon and filter material. The entire machine is made of raw materials. It is expected that the nose line, edge banding and finished product cutting are all on the same line. Depending on the raw materials used, different standards can be reached, such as FFP2.

Automatic cartoning machine

Planar mask production equipment has stable performance, high output, low defect rate and easy operation. An all-in-one facial mask machine, plus several external ear band mask machines, the production line is a fully automatic one-on-two mask machine, and one human body machine drives two ear band machines.

After the main body machine outputs the mask body, the mask body sheet is transferred to the rotating mechanism through the conveyor belt structure, and the mask plate is rotated to the conveyor belt connected to the ear belt machine through the rotating mechanism, and then the mask sheet is transferred to the ear belt machine through the conveyor belt . Press down through the cylinder to put the mask piece into the mask plate of the ear strap machine.


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